Reporting was abysmal. Interactivity and automation was limited at best.

Pulling together any semblance of actionable information was also a challenge. There was no glory in the endeavor. Thalēs has changed all of this. The result: a level of active management that redefines expectations.

Harvest is a multi-broker online portal for middle-to-back office straight-through solutions.

Our clients have access to the information they want in the form they want it in.



Allocating trades can be a time-consuming process leading to breaks and delays.

The Harvest Allocation module facilitates a more controlled, transparent, and automated process by connecting to your execution accounts and delivering instructions automatically. Harvest can connect to virtually any broker and can ingest trade capture from executing brokers, trade files or via manual entry.


Change is constant. That shouldn’t break your reconciliation process.

A change in file formats, a new broker, trading new products? For most reconciliation systems those questions would result in broken trades or expensive code changes. Harvest can handle those changes on the fly while reconciling up to five sources of data either on demand or continuously throughout the day.


Monitor trading activity. Issue alerts.

Most reporting systems produce large amounts of data, but extracting the relevant information can be difficult and time-consuming. Harvest Notification serves as a hub to monitor specific aspects of trading activity. The exception-based engine issues alerts based on user-specified rules.


Harmonized data, analytics and insights across brokers.

Harvest has solved the challenge of aggregating and normalizing data from multiple clearing partners and has taken reporting to the next level. Detailed reports and curated dashboards provide stakeholders with value consolidated insights and advanced analytics.


Rapidly add sophisticated portfolio risk analysis.

Generate Value-at-Risk (VaR), multi-dimensional stress testing, exposure analysis, and options analytics across portfolios, sub-portfolios, and individual positions.  Interact with powerful views of risk in order to better track intraday portfolio activity.

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