If you are looking for a new opportunity, keep in mind that we place a huge amount of value on relevant, proven experience.

An unblemished history and a track record of growth are preferred. Those without significant history must demonstrate a hunger for success and a palpable drive.

Each customer wants something different. No two customers are alike. What’s important to one client is unimportant to the next. You have to make all customers feel they’re special because they are.

Stephan G. Solomon

Don’t ever say you’ll do things and then not do them. You must be there for clients constantly, with real help and in-depth service, not lip service. If you promise, you’ve got to perform.

Stephan G. Solomon

Clients first, prospects second. Whatever success we have, we owe it to our clients. Our clients’ success becomes our success.

Stephan G. Solomon

Character traits, humility, and loyalty will never be overlooked.

We are looking for those that are self-starters, problem-solvers with a strong work ethic. We require strong communication and interpersonal skills and at Thales, it is important to possess a willingness to learn and a determination to win without straining against immoveable walls. Adaptiveness and the openness to leverage the strengths of others is equally important.

Outside of everything above, if you can walk in the door with valued relationships, we would enjoy the opportunity to connect.