But be prepared, the lights are bright and it’s only the first step in an arduous journey.

For those looking for a more holistic solution, Thalēs offers a deep ecosystem of services. We can help shape your story, consult on your strategic plan, and assist in building the tools you require.

In very select situations,

we will adopt the role of placement agent and directly raise capital on your behalf. Our placement process is rigorous, our relationships real. We have spent decades raising capital from a wide array of institutional investors.

Sourcing, growing and maintaining assets are never easy. Relationships are simply a starting point. It is about building awareness, accommodating the discovery process, charisma, edge, and consistent follow up.

Finally, we don’t ignore the vast quantities of capital available through the RIA and Wealth Management channels.

Armed with the latest modern marketing tactics and voice technology, Thalēs actively targets this sector. If you are looking to capitalize on the convergence of traditional asset management and alternative investments, Thalēs is exceptionally positioned to help with product development, marketing, and sales.

If you are in pursuit of assets, it would be great to connect.