The business is principled
and run by industry experts.

People that understand how things work. A sense of belonging and deep loyalty exists. Thalēs has helped people up.

But don’t be lulled by the fact we are grounded by traditional values.

Thalēs is ferociously pro-active. Technology is embraced – more accurately, advanced. Our client portals, Harvest and Agora, make sense of the nonsensical. The value delivered makes a difference.

The access to capital runs throughout it all. Out-dated descriptions like “capital introduction” have been abandoned and replaced by an ecosystem of unified services that accelerate the growth of assets under management.

Thalēs is a brokerage and fund-raising alternative built on innovative technology and a service platform that will help your firm grow in both assets and character.

Humility combined with decisiveness and purpose gives rise to leadership. Yet we never asked to be followed.

Our story simply inspires; attracting principled and talented individuals to our team. And there is no quit. Thalēs continues to exemplify the true meaning of the word driven. Leveraging both technology and the grit bestowed in a hand shake, we remain vigilant, committed to do our part to push the industry forward.


Thalēs Enters US Private Client Market

Led by Michael McGrath, Private Client Solutions develops distribution partnerships with institutional investment managers to help them diversify their client base within the US private client market.


Capital Introduction Portal

Thalēs launches Agora, an online capital introduction portal, to enhance and streamline the traditional capital introduction model while maintaining a high touch approach.


Advisory Board

Thalēs forms an Advisory Board comprised of leading experts joining from various segments of the hedge fund industry to offer unique insights and to support the firm’s continued expansion.


Thalēs Capital Partners LLC

Thalēs enters the institutional hedge fund placement business with the formation of Thalēs Capital Partners and appoints Edouard Robbes as President of the newly created entity.


Straight-Through Solutions Platform

Thalēs launches Harvest, an online portal for middle-to-back office straight-through solutions, including reconciliation, trade flow, multi-broker aggregation, reporting, and data transformation.


Thalēs Trading Solutions LLC

Stephan Solomon and Marc Cohen launch Thalēs Trading Solutions, a technology-driven derivatives broker, to offer an alternative to the services proposed by traditional FCMs in the areas of technology, capital advisory, and client service.


Rivals Join Forces

Société Générale and Calyon merge their brokerage subsidiaries, Fimat and Calyon Financial, to form Newedge which quickly becomes the world’s largest Futures Commission Merchant.


Hedge Fund Incubation

Stephan Solomon and Marc Cohen become investment committee members of Société Générale’s hedge fund incubator and are tasked with leading fundraising campaigns for incubated managers including Alphadyne Asset Management, Grant Capital, and others.


Financial Services Group

Stephan Solomon and Marc Cohen join Fimat (Société Générale) to form the Financial Services Group and increase the firm’s presence in the alternative investment space by offering hedge funds a full suite of services in listed and OTC derivatives.


Foundation Years

Stephan Solomon joins Prudential Securities in the early days of Managed Futures and pioneers match-making services for institutional investors and hedge funds that evolved into modern day Capital Introduction.



The early pre-Socratic philosopher and mathematician, Thalēs, observed one winter that the upcoming harvest would yield a large crop of olives. As a result, he raised a small sum of money and gave deposits for all the olive presses in Miletus and Chios, which he rented at a discount since there was no demand for them at this time. When it came time to harvest, there came a sudden need for the presses, and by renting them out on terms he preferred, Thalēs realized a large sum of money.

Technically, this was the first options trade made in human history. In recognition of the innovation, creativity, and financial acumen of Thalēs, we saw it fit to bear his name.


It can’t be just about

There has to be some good created from the lack of sleep, long hours, and nervous moments. And this pertains to every aspect of life, family, friends, and the less fortunate.

Thalēs believes in giving back. We support inspiring causes including The Robin Hood Foundation, the Dubin Breast Centre Charity, and other impactful charities. Yet, we continuously strive to help. If you are deeply passionate about a specific cause, we would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about it.