Accessing fundamental and statistical information about managers should be intuitive and, perhaps we are over reaching, even enjoyable.

Hedge fund managers are no longer constrained by crude comparisons that don’t take into account the orthogonality of their strategies and depth of their backgrounds and expertise. Agora takes into account the subtleties of sophisticated strategies. It is designed by the industry, for the industry.

Agora provides investors the tools to discover, analyze, and connect with hedge funds interactively.


Filter our manager universe to discover funds that meet your investment criteria.


Review detailed fund profiles and compare them using our in-depth peer group analysis tools.


Create portfolios, adjust the weighting, and generate reports on the fly.


Connect with managers directly to access additional information in one click.

Better yet, Agora is by invitation only, exclusive to institutional investors and pre-qualified hedge fund managers.

Having meaningful relationships with everyone within the system, we are able to bring the information within Agora to life.

Most importantly, Agora was designed to streamline and augment the traditional capital introduction process, not to de-humanize it. Think of Agora as controlled ecosystem, where managers and allocators can co-exist harmoniously in an environment governed by respect and trust.

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