The Stream | Arbitrage Opportunities in Crypto

On this episode of The Stream, we sit down with Delfos Machado Neto, Managing Partner at Dunamis Trading Group, to discuss the crypto opportunity at large as well as the arbitrage strategies currently applied to crypto.

Dunamis Trading Fund exploits intertemporal and geographic price differentials in the most established cryptocurrencies to generate returns regardless of the directional movement of the market itself. The team has taken the basic trading principles of equity arbitrage learned over years of experience and adapted them to the emerging cryptocurrency universe. The Fund engages in market neutral and Delta One strategies with no residual exposure. The strategies include trading spot listings across exchanges in order to benefit from price discrepancies, as well as monetizing price differentials by trading spot against futures and swaps. Most trading execution is done through secure automated systems, driven by bespoke proprietary algorithmic programs.

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